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Determining the next steps for a leading fintech app


Xendpay had an existing money transfer mobile app that had been delivered by a third-party development company. The fintech firm wasn’t happy with its app, feeling that the user experience and features could be improved. Along with boosting the app’s stickiness factor to encourage customer retention.

The company approached Innovify to determine its next steps. By undertaking a discovery workshop to better understand its customer experience followed by a design thinking approach towards new feature development.

Key Objectives

  • To develop the product strategy for XendPay's Mobile Apps Solution (for some of the case studies)



Innovify initially worked to understand Xendpay’s business, product and unique proposition. Largely focussing on the company’s money transfer service that aims to reduce the costs of transfers whilst maintaining high-quality customer service.

Money transfers between the UK and India are a core focus for Xendpay and its main area of business. Specifically, the company targets University students from India who are studying in the UK. Payments between students and family or friends at home are difficult due to restrictions around money transfers out of India. It requires a lot of time-intensive effort, paperwork and takes seven working days to clear. Xendpay offers a solution to alleviate those issues.

Innovify’s discovery workshop delved into these issues further by identifying Xendpay’s customer needs, their user journeys when using Xendpay’s app and user stories. These insights can then be used for future decision-making and to inform tech architecture investments.

The discovery workshop highlighted the key features and functions needed to ensure the best user experience amongst Xendpay’s target audience. These were later mocked-up as high-level wireframes to help Xendpay conceptualise each feature change.

The workshop also fed into a series of user journey maps that taught Xendpay about the various ways its users were attracted to, engaging with and leaving the app.

Framework used

Design Sprints, User Research, Information Architect, User Persona Research, Product Roadmap Development


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The discovery workshop helped Xendpay to outline key user journeys and informed several future product features based on customer insight. Innovify’s design thinking approach underpinned the entire workshop. Additionally feeding into high-level wireframes and mock-ups that were used for market research to validate each idea.

Suggestions for future product features include:

  • ‘Invite a friend’ call-to-action notifications to increase word-of-mouth marketing and user growth.
  • A currency wallet that displays all available funds and various currencies, with prompts to use Xendpay’s pre-paid credit card.
  • Rate alerts with users able to set the currencies that they wish to see.
  • Push notifications displayed in chronological order for quick retrieval and review.
  • Automated processing of payments on a weekly or monthly basis (as determined by each user).
  • A ‘Review Xendpay’ trigger that occurs once a user returns to the app following a payment transfer.

Ultimately giving the app a refreshed layout, customer-centric usability and further marketing and engagement channels. Innovify also provided Xendpay with some business model suggestions such as making the first transaction free to users as a promotional offer.

The discovery workshop and subsequent journey mapping and wireframes were well-received across Xendpay’s senior management with its CEO stating “Why did we not speak with these guys previously?”

The new feature suggestions are now in Xendpay’s product roadmap with the company using the mock-ups in its latest funding round to enable further iteration of its mobile app.

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