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Having worked with previous developers, Influencer we’re ready for a new approach and when we came on board, we realised that they had built up a substantial amount of ‘tech debt’. This manifested in outdated product architecture, bottlenecks and difficulties pushing new features because of the way code was structured. All of which was having a significant effect on operations.

Influencer wanted to use the latest code for their front-end experience. However, the lack of a CTO meant a non-technical person was heading an outsourced development team. This, in combination with the fact the previous developers had control of all the code, meant that a major restructure was evidently required.

Coding principles had not been followed closely and limited documentation meant we had to start the journey with the client all over again. This created the major challenge of remodelling the overall tech and product architecture, whilst ensuring minimal disruption when making any changes.

Key Objectives

  • Migrate development from previous team
  • Refactor the code to improve product and code quality
  • Re-architect the application using serverless microservices
  • Establish a consistent agile scrum process to improve overall bi-weekly delivery cycle



We realised that new and functional documentation was needed to understand the user flow. We created a basic, functional template from the get-go, updating it as our work on the project progressed. We set up a CI/CD process for the project to tackle deployment issues and implemented a Blue Green deployment process to eliminate downtime for future releases.

We carried out impact analysis to understand the changes on existing applications before we started working on any card. This approach aimed to focus on features that would improve the overall quality, rather than quantity. As always, we followed all the best coding practice in everything we did and worked closely with the client through regular discussion to ensure a successful outcome.

As with any of our projects, we deployed Scrum teams that worked in an agile manner. The sprints were delivered on a weekly basis.

Technology used

mongodb_logo-2 react nodejs angular-2


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Through our comprehensive documentation and collaborative working style, we were able to eliminate the tech debt, ironing out technical issues within an impressive three-month period. We formulated a structured approach to coding standards and communications, outlining in detail how the development team would be working. This revolved around an approach that promoted both ‘continuous integration’ and ‘continuous deployment’

Through our in-depth analysis prior to any work, we were able to mitigate the risks involved during any changes. We were also able to bring the platform forward using the latest tech, as per the original requirements of the client. Significantly, we were able to change the tech architecture, refactoring code to improve the overall performance and allow for the easy integration of new features.

As a result of our work, we continue to work with Influnecer on a managed team basis, taking their project to the next stage in their journey.

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