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Brickowner Property Crowd Funding






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When Innovify first met Fred, the founder of Brickowner, we knew instantly that he had a great idea, he had the support of highly experienced partners, as well as an aggressive plan to fundraise and grow.

The aggressive plan to fundraise hinged on building an MVP that clearly demonstrated the business model and customer journey. This is where Innovify stepped in and provided the technical know-how as Brickowner’s partner in developing their MVP. With a limited budget and a strict timeframe, the route to success for Innovify appeared challenging.

Further along in their journey, Innovify again stepped in to help Brickowner once more, this time with scaling and growing their company. At this moment in time, Brickowner was working with a number of UI/UX and branding agencies. However, if they were to succeed, they again needed the technology know-how and the right business processes required to grow such a platform. Scaling a company in a volatile market is no easy feat. Hungry competitors, adding the right employees that match the company fit, and utilising the right channels for growth are all factors that when addressed incorrectly, can lead to a company’s demise.

Therefore, Innovify analysed the overall business proposition, identifying the corevalue of their platform – what really made them different from their competitors in what was a very crowded space. And we found that they needed to define their product, as their lack of technological expertise and product management skills meant that they had no details on how their platform actually worked.

Key Objectives

  • Build a solid MVP that Brickowner could use to secure funding
  • Lean and agile principles would be applied
  • Clear project deliverables within limited budget
  • Post fundraising, supply a competent dedicated tech team
  • Ensure for a structured & scalable project delivery
  • FCA regulation complaint
  • Full tech through leadership and support



The MVP: building the foundations for growth

When Fred contacted Innovify regarding the build of a minimum viable product (MVP), we had to fully understand the business proposition as well as the key challenges for their platform from a business standpoint.

Once understood, we defined the MVP and the overall product roadmap to justify their aggressive fundraising strategy and valuation growth. If this was going to work, the fundraising and product had to be aligned to deliver the KPIs, and they had to be regularly updated.

Before we did anything else, we researched the user behaviour and analysed thecompetitors. This research gave us the right direction to pursue with the overall UX and interactions. Working with the UX partner, we first developed the initial prototype and aligned it with their first crowdfunding campaign. This round of funding (on Seedrs) raised £100,000, but we didn’t stop there.

Technology used

angular-3 aws-4 java-2


Innovify have helped Brickowner go from an idea, to an MVP in the market with supporting operations. Within just four months of raising the first round, Brickowner raised another £100,000 via Seedrs in the second round of funding. This was largely due to the impressive MVP built for them by Innovify.

Due to their initial success, Brickowner commissioned Innovify to provide a dedicated development team in order to scale their business from the MVP to a fully functioning digital business. This has since seen the company grow from strength to strength and take on a dominant position within the UK property sphere.

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