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Outsmart your competitors using our Corporate Venturing as a Service (CVaaS)

Leverage your unique market insights with our corporate venture expertise to develop and launch new products to create more value for your target customers and win more

  • Execute 10x faster like a startup speed
  • Reduce MVP development costs by 6X
  • Minimise corporate brand risks

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Our Approach

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We collaborate with all your key stakeholders to understand your desired business outcomes and develop a low friction execution plan to achieve those, leveraging all our combined expertise.

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We validate all your assumptions to design a winning proposition for your users outside your traditional operating environment.

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We leverage our experience to execute your strategy at a startup speed to launch fast, iterate faster and learn better to stun your competitors.

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We develop lean models for you to operate the new venture internally or externally to suite your business strategy.

Our Expertise


AI & ML Development

MVP Design & Development

Dedicated Teams

Growth Hacking

Digital Transformation

Why work with us?

Predictive Analysis

Experience and Expertise:

Maximize digital potential with Innovify and get top-tier products with agility and expertise.

user-centric design

User-Centric Design:

Enjoy researched, tested, and data-driven user centric design for enhanced satisfaction and engagement.

cutting adge technologies

Cutting-Edge Technologies:

Lead the way into the future with AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, IoT, & reimagine user experiences with Innovify's groundbreaking products.

end to end solutions

End-to-End Solution:

Empower businesses, from vision to launch, through end-to-end digital solutions with Innovify while you focus on what matters most.

client success stories

Client Success Stories:

Where success stories shape confidence, we empower clients with proven capabilities and transformative outcomes.

Our Product Development Process


Ideation and Discovery

We collaborate closely with clients to understand their vision and goals, generating and refining innovative ideas.


User Research and Validation

Conducting in-depth research is our next step to gain insights into user needs, validating and refining product concepts.


Prototyping and Design

We create intuitive and visually appealing interfaces through wireframes and prototypes.


Agile Development

Adopting agile methodologies is the next step in the procedure for flexibility and collaboration, delivering functionality in iterative sprints.


Continuous Testing and Quality Assurance

We prioritize quality through comprehensive testing, including functional and performance testing.


Deployment and Launch

Our experts assist clients in deploying and launching the product successfully, developing strategic launch plans.


Post-Launch Support and Optimization

We provide ongoing support, gathering feedback, and optimizing the product based on user needs.

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Corporate Venture as a Service (CVaaS) supports your startup's growth and innovation through strategic guidance, resource access, and collaboration opportunities with established corporations. With expertise in identifying investment prospects, optimizing deal processes, and aiding integration, CVaaS facilitates accelerated development, operational scalability, and effective market entry for startups. 

The CVaaS process initiates by identifying strategic investment opportunities that align with the corporation's goals. Subsequently, thorough due diligence is undertaken to assess potential ventures. Deals are structured to incorporate startups into the corporate ecosystem. Continuous support and oversight guarantee the success and integration of venture investments, optimizing their impact. 

  1. Engaging in comprehensive research to pinpoint emerging trends and promising investment prospects within the market.
  2. We verify that venture endeavors align harmoniously with your overarching corporate strategy and objectives.
  3. Our team aids in sourcing and scrutinizing deals, pinpointing and evaluating potential investment prospects with an emphasis on generating enduring value.
  4. We navigate you through the investment journey, from structuring deals to executing them successfully.
  5. Offering ongoing support and supervision to optimize the performance and assimilation of venture investments.

The benefits of Corporate Venture as a Service (CVaaS) include access to strategic guidance and expertise, streamlined deal sourcing and evaluation, enhanced collaboration opportunities with startups, optimized investment structuring, and improved integration processes. CVaaS enables corporations to maximize the success and impact of their corporate venturing initiatives while minimizing risks. 

Corporate Venture as a Service (CVaaS) is offered by technology development companies to assist corporations in strategic investing. It provides support in identifying, evaluating, and integrating startup opportunities. Traditional venture capital (VC) involves independent firms investing in startups primarily for financial returns, with limited strategic assistance beyond financing. 

Corporate Venture as a Service (CVaaS) supports startup growth by providing strategic guidance, access to resources, and opportunities for collaboration with established corporations. Through CVaaS, startups can leverage the expertise, networks, and funding of technology development companies to accelerate their development, scale their operations, and enter new markets. 

Startups can attract corporate venture capital (CVC) funding by demonstrating alignment with the corporation's strategic goals, showcasing potential for collaboration or synergy, and highlighting innovative solutions. Building relationships with corporate partners, networking at industry events, and engaging in targeted outreach efforts can also enhance chances of securing CVC funding. 

Key factors to consider when investing in corporate venture capital (CVC) include alignment with the corporation's strategic objectives, potential for synergy or collaboration, track record of the corporate venturing team, scalability of the startup's solution, and potential for financial returns. Due diligence on both the startup and the corporate partner is crucial. 

Corporate venturing risks encompass conflicts of interest between startups and corporate parents, hurdles in melding startup culture with corporate structures, potential loss of startup autonomy, and struggles in aligning with corporate strategies. Moreover, there's a financial risk if investments fail to meet anticipated returns. 


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