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Cloud Application Development & Operations (DevOps) Service

We specialize in constructing comprehensive delivery pipelines across major cloud platforms to eliminate operational burdens, streamline development/testing/deployment processes, resulting in reduced costs, alongside enhanced availability and scalability.

Our DevOps services prioritize automation, striving to offer a seamless 'push of a button' solution for all DevOps needs. At Innovify, DevOps development services aren't confined to a specific organizational role but are integrated into the Dev/QA teams.

As a team of DevOps Automation Experts, our strength lies in establishing complete touchless automation for DevOps workflows. As a prominent DevOps services provider, we've organized ourselves to ensure reliability across all DevOps Cloud services. Trust us to optimize ROI on R&D and Infrastructure investments while mitigating overall risks.

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Our Process & Tools

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Our Capabilities


Cloud Design, Development & Migration

  • Google Cloud Engine
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Oracle cloud


DevOps Consulting & Implementation

  • Serverless Microservices Architecture and Cloud Design
  • CI/CD pipeline design & development
  • 3rd party SaaS integrations


Cloud Security & Infrastructure Management

  • Private, Public & Hybrid Cloud Service
  • Cloud-based data protection, backup, and recovery
  • Realtime monitoring and alerts


Cloud Optimization Service

  • Reduce risk, time & cost of cloud setup
  • Cloud migration
  • Auto scaling & Load Balancing

Our DevOps Approach

Continuous Integration

  • Continuous Integration to a shared repository
  • Merge changes frequently & fast validation

Continuous Delivery

  • Always ready-to-ship
  • Frequent testing in QA, UAT & stating environment

Continuous Deployment

  • Continuous shipping
  • Frequent deployment & validation in pre-prod/production environments

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Some popular DevOps tools include Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Git, Bitbucket, CircleCI, Jira, SonarQube, Splunk, and New Relic, among others.

DevOps tools and technologies offer several benefits, such as improved collaboration, faster release cycles, automated testing and deployment, scalability, enhanced monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities, and overall increased efficiency in the development process.

Yes, tools like Terraform and Ansible are commonly used for infrastructure provisioning in the DevOps ecosystem. These tools help automate the deployment and management of infrastructure resources, making it easier to define and provision infrastructure as code.

When selecting DevOps tools, consider factors such as your specific project requirements, team size, scalability needs, integration capabilities, ease of use, community support, and compatibility with your existing infrastructure. It's also beneficial to evaluate and compare different tools before making a decision.


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