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The go-to video interviewing platform




Web, Mobile App


Showcaser provides a platform to users to show who they really are. All this happens with a short video. Users can record responses and show their personality, or invite people to share their answers to help them standout.


Video interviewing has quickly emerged as a mainstay of the talent acquisition process for many recruitment firms globally. SThree PLC also wanted to follow suit, however, the company wanted to make sure it’s not just another solution in the market. With a view to making it truly unique, user-centric and secure, the primary goal and the challenge was to envision a solution which is platform-agnostic, compatible with different browsers and supports native mobile apps. This way it can ensure consistent user experience, no matter how and from where it is accessed. Adding to the challenge were other functional requirements, which included easy video recording, transcoding and playback and AWS cloud-based processing. Also, on the security side, the platform had to be developed on highly secure infrastructure, with micro-permissions to ensure the highest level of security.

Key Objectives

  • Build the solution that help reduce the Time to Hire, Cost & Improves UX
  • Establish Collaboration with Customer
  • Fine Tune Product Proposition with frequent customer interactions
  • Incorporate usability tests on target groups when building MVP
  • Agile Product Development
  • Test against market expectations
  • Plan and Deploy successful pilot in 3 Months



Innovation design as the catalyst.

Instead of following several ad-hoc approaches, which could lead to poor outcomes and highly iterative process, Innovify chose to apply an “innovation design” philosophy to guide the project execution. Innovify kept the client constantly onboard, helping them become familiar with discovery workshops, where close collaboration facilitated all the ingredients to arrive at a solid MVP. From defining user personas, exploring problem statements, envisioning solution anatomy to elaborating on solution proposition and eventually mapping user journey, likely costs & risks, Innovify concentrated on applying innovation design to propel the project in the right direction with the right methodology. This helped build an increasingly sophisticated, targeted, and much viable mini-business plan for the board to invest in.

Technology used

react-4 nodejs aws-4 android-2 ios


Going beyond standard project management and usual best practices (Agile & Lean processes using Scrum Methodologies), Innovify leveraged innovation design methodology as the driving force to bring the solution to life. Moreover, by keeping customer collaboration as another keystone, Innovify helped built a mature MVP, which resulted in accelerated learning, excellent fine-tuning of product proposition, eventually resulting in the product reaching the customer faster. In a highly contested market, which had many products competing on the strengths of features and capabilities, Innovify helped the client bring a unique solution which focuses on making the user experience more fulfilling, hence creating a solid differentiation, also delighting investors with greater confidence for future roadmap.

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