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Digital enablement of vocational training institutes with online ecommerce store


The initial idea was to create a marketplace where parents can search for a variety of educational and leisure providers across the country, and book and pay for classes through the same app. Parents can create their children’s profile and browse for after-school activities like – football, painting classes – with the app also letting them see what activities their kid’s friends are indulging in. The vision was that the payments must be offered in installments rather than a one-time charge and paid through the app itself without any physical transaction of money. One out-of-the-blue idea that quickly got our attention was to create gift cards so that one can gift children a vocational course session as a birthday gift.

The challenge was to create a digital payment gateway for service providers in the UAE. And getting them sign up at the marketplace was quite a task. Why would they agree to get paid in instalments? The product should help them in generating revenue and exposure of their vocational training services.

The challenge was not only to be the first to launch such mobile app in the UAE, but to scale it up quickly and keep adding features according to the initial feedback. Also, when one is creating payment gateway, security is of prime concern, which was to be taken care of.

Key Objectives

  • To create a viable digital payment system for small businesses in the Middle East.
  • Create a search friendly UX/UI to help parents find perfect courses for their children.
  • To be the first to launch such a mobile app in the UAE and then put add-on services in the product as per user feedback



Impressive Design and navigation-

We got started with creating search friendly (parent-friendly) product design and navigation. This includes narrowing the searches by age, personal preference, location, what activities the child’s friends are currently doing, etc. This helped us in creating an ‘impulsive buying experience’ for first time users; we ensured smooth navigation keeping the non-so-tech-savvy parents in mind.

Building Robust tech system-

We delivered a robust technology system for payment gateway integration. The payment system was named ‘KiddoPay’ and we pulled off a herculean task of Amazon Payfort integration. Keeping security in mind,

The mobile app also had to be scalable as it was expected to receive hits in thousands within its launch. We built a system that handled 10,000 hits at a time after the launch on the initial MVP.

Evolving requirements-

The initial requirement created an opportunity to offer the service providers with ERP solutions for their businesses. As we have completed Payfort integration, we can offer ERP solutions to vocation training businesses which costs them less than other CRM software to manage their overall business.

Also, a new requirement evolved with the creation of Kiddo-Pay. We now have a payment gateway for vocational training services; hence we can also offer similar product to schools. Schools can get monthly instalments of Imprest money or tuition fees with the product. That feature was added in the MVP.

Going beyond technology-

We helped the client in identifying right vendors by creating scrapping scripts so that they can identify vendors to reach out to. We also created a funnel for merchant acquisition. We also provided our inputs in marketing campaign, merchant acquisition, and analysing user behaviour.

Technology used

react-4 aws-4 magento-icon-2 applepay-2


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Creating a digital marketplace for vocational educational activities along with payment gateway opened further doors of features that helped in getting more and more services providers signed up, that in turn facilitated parents to browse a wide range of training courses to select. Pulling off this amazing app with all its features within 12 weeks was the most satisfying thing for engineers at Innovify.

We achieved 10,000 user sign ups within the first 3 months of launch. The client got 200% of the anticipating revenue.

2,000 merchants signed up for the product. Adding features as per customer feedback.

We were aware that the initial idea we heard had scope of adding features and the business will depend on them as it scales. However, as the client was a first-time entrepreneur, requirements were evolving quite quickly. The task was to keep it to the plan and parallelly working on new requirements. Our agile approach and relatively faster feedbacks from the client enabled us to complete this within the agreed time.

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