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Gener8 Ad Blocker






Earn money from the ads that you see


GENER8 is a new platform that offers individuals a portion of the ad revenue generated from the ads that they choose to see. However, the platform has come up against several challenges – a highly crowded market and the surging usage of ad-blocking technologies are just two. The latter posed a serious challenge as it would limit its viewership and give a huge dent to ad revenue.

The company had to achieve rapid growth and it therefore needed to increase its user base. Through enabling the beta, the first few steps in achieving this goal was introduced.

Their beta platform had a few unique USPs. Firstly, adverts were based on user preference and secondly, redeemable tokens were provided to the user based on the adverts that they see. Essentially, splitting the ad revenue between the platform and user.

Ad-blocking extensions remain their major constraint however, other challenges included secure data transfer from server-side to end-users and finding a way to bypass natively integrated ad-blockers with a user-authenticated mechanism.

Key Objectives

  • Build and deliver the right MVP
  • Effective and simple messaging of the solution to boost update
  • Deploy agile and lean development best practices
  • Achieve scalable build
  • Ensure adequate safeguards for data security and privacy
  • Seamless data transfer from server-side to end-user
  • On-time and on-budget delivery



Moving past the hurdle of pervasive ad-blocking technology

With internet advertising becoming invasive, millions of users are turning to ad-blockers to ensure uninterrupted web browsing. According to an estimate, paid advertising worth roughly $41.4 billion gets blocked through the largest web browsers, thanks to native integration of ad-blocking extensions. To explain the extent of opportunity loss here’s some more data that reveals that nearly 650 million users worldwide leverage ad-blocking web browser extensions.

Despite the negativity surrounding the ad-blocking trend, GENER8 saw an opportunity in all of this. To attract users to the platform and away from ad-blocking, they chose to give back to their users.

To help achieve this, Innovify quickly put together a team to build a solution leveraging NodeJs, Javascript, Reactjs and a powerful API to enable dynamic delivery of user-authenticated choice. This helped bypass natively integrated ad-blocking technology and enabled creating a smart exception on systems that had browsers actively running ad-blocking extensions. Innovify’s software engineering talent succeeded in building a solution that allowed authorising end-users to choose what advertising content they wished to view, when utilising the most prominently used web browser: Google Chrome.

Technology used

react-4 aws-4 mangodb


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Steadfast efforts and on-time delivery of an innovative digital product from Innovify helped GENER8 overcome a difficult digital landscape. Innovify successfully built a unique browser extension leveraging a cutting-edge technology stack. Moreover, Innovify also facilitated seamless data transfer from server-side to end-users with a purpose-built Google Chrome instance of the Gener8 extension.

Since it’s beta launch, GENER8 has managed to grow a significant user base, with over 1000 subscribers to-date. This success together has culminated with a significant valuation for GENER8 as the company continues to go from strength to strength. Innovify continues to be their trusted technology ally and has shifted the project under a dedicated team to catalyse rapid development of the final solution.

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