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British Council




High Intensity Delivery for British Council


British Council is a well renowned institute promoting United Kingdom’s cultural and educational opportunities worldwide. They conduct IELTS (International English Language Testing System), which is the world’s most popular English language test for higher education and global migration.

They wanted to launch a new portal for IELTS students to explore all the scholarship opportunities and apply for one. They wanted to launch this portal in an aggressive timeline of 30 days from start to finish. It was a challenging task as the portal needed to meet all the brand guidelines, high quality architecture to support global traffic, and meet their high IT Security requirements. Additionally, their Project In-charge was based out of their Egypt office.

They trusted Innovify after a quick RFQ process as their chosen partner to deliver this project.

Key Objectives

  • Redesign the existing portal keeping inline with the British Council Branding
  • Redevelop the portal within 30 days
  • Ensure that the portal meets all the security requirements
  • Ensure that the portal can handle the expected load



Understanding the challenge, Innovify quickly assembled a full stack digital team consisting of UX Designer, Front-end Developer, Back-end Developer, DevOps and Tech Lead to work with a UK based Delivery Manager. We quickly established an High Intensity Delivery model to ensure we can iterate faster and develop the portal as we design the UX.

Taking a leap of trust, we kicked-off the project without wasting time, whilst the agreements were still drafted. We established a light touch on-demand communication model to ensure clients were fully involved in the process with minimal time commitment. We quickly established the UX Design language and started the infrastructure work in parallel. We run a daily scrum for the UX with a quick Scrum every morning to update on the work completed the day before and plan for the day. This also enabled Client to review and sign-off the screens on daily basis.

“Thanks to you and your team for the hard work and the dedicated efforts exerted by everyone esp. Vivek and Nirali who were there for us at any time and always up to our expectations.”

- Mona Mona Madbouly
IELTS Web Officer | British Council

The development team plan the entire project to be deliver within 4 weeks. They followed Agile XP and Kanban approach to develop every step of the user journey individually. With a Continuous Delivery pipeline in place, the team delivered every step to staging without wasting time. This also ensured that every journeys were progressively tested every day.

This also allowed the Client’s internal IT Security team to progressively ensure that the each piece of functionality deployed is not compromising the security and any issues identified were quickly addressed.

We also ensured that the team worked flexibly to cover for time zone differences and also the differences in weekend days.

Technology used

mysql wordpress-3 php

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