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FitMyFoot – Custom Has Never Been Easier






FitMyFoot insoles give you custom comfort and all-day pain relief in the shoes you love. FitMyFoot products are made to the exact shape of your feet to reduce pressure spots and pronation


FitMyFoot sought to provide a seamless, accurate, and user-friendly way for customers to measure their foot size using their mobile devices. The goal was to eliminate the guesswork and inaccuracies of traditional measurement methods, thereby ensuring a perfect fit for their custom insoles.

Key Objectives

  • Enhance the user experience enabling customers to accurately measure their feet for custom insoles.



To address this, our team at Innovify developed an AR Visualizer, a cutting-edge tool leveraging augmented reality technology. This tool allowed users to scan their feet using the cameras on their smartphones. The AR Visualizer provided precise measurements, offering an interactive and engaging way for customers to engage with FitMyFoot's products.

Technology used

php-2 python react-5

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