Startup and Entrepreneurship

Next Billion Dollar Startups: Innovify’s Partnership with GVFL

This MOU is another milestone towards the mission of Innovify to launch 100 products in 10 years via its incubation lab.  Innovify, a Digital Product Management Company with focus on tech startups, provides end to end solutions to SMEs & start-ups to develop new digital products, hence converting such billion dollar ideas into successful businesses. ...

Marketing and Sales

Launching a Digital Product: Research Strategies for Success

Whether you’re a startup, SME or huge corporate, you all know you need to be launching a Digital Product & innovate to succeed. What I see more of these days is a huge swell of companies that already have a successful business in their own right and are innovating some great product ideas, and most of them have been great at surveying the competition before they take the next...


Best Cloud Environment for Small Businesses and SMEs

The way businesses operate continue to change.  The constant implementation of the newest breakthrough technologies requires companies to adapt, if they wish to advance.  One of these technological breakthroughs that has come to surface in recent years is cloud computing. ...