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The Rise of Social Commerce: Strategies for Leveraging Social Media Platforms to Enhance Brand Presence and Drive Sales

In today’s digital age, the fusion of social media and eCommerce, known as social commerce, is revolutionizing the way brands interact with their customers. With the increasing prevalence of social media in everyday life, businesses are finding innovative ways to leverage these platforms to enhance their brand presence and drive sales. This article explores the strategies for harnessing...

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The Impact of Social Influencers on Marketing: An Insider’s Look

Marketing a brand or product above the general digital noise of can prove to be a bit tricky for some businesses, with the demand to go viral™ and be the next big thing™ all too often becoming the focus of many marketing campaigns. At our recent #ProductTalk event on growth hacking, we were fortunate to have a representative from a new breed of marketing agency, called Influencer,...