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How Emerging Technologies Are Creating New Opportunities

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Innovify has a strong background in FX and corporate innovation, with a number of disruptive Forex clients on our books.

With this experience in the FX industry, we understand the problems that companies are currently facing. Everything from low client loyalty to disruptive, new technologies, or cybersecurity to government regulations/instability such as Brexit.

We address these issues with forward-thinking technologies. Our industry experts are skilled in KYC solutions, CRM systems, execution platforms, mobile app development, integration APIs and much more. We are therefore able to provide our clients with practical solutions through the application of a wide range of technologies. Hereby, solving problems such as low client loyalty by improving client retention and engagement via technological means.

So, whether you’re from a brokerage firm or a FX-focused technology provider, we can help you ideate innovative solutions. Our delivery team are able to bring to life your idea to life, ensuring that you are ahead of the competition and ultimately at the forefront of digital transformation.


Blockchain technology is acting as a change catalyst in organisations by making key processes and systems more secure and efficient. The potential of this technology is paramount.

Our whitepaper looks into the potential of blockchain technology as well as the case for business use and application:

  • Working of blockchain technology and its business application.
  • Introduction to the FX industry, its scale and major players; blockchain makes important interventions at various stages of the FX trading process, and understanding the FX market and its working models makes these interventions easier to understand.
  • Innovative companies that are bringing out blockchain empowered solutions for the FinTech industry, primarily targeting the FX market.

We also explore how blockchain technology will likely transform the FX industry

How will blockchain change the face of the FX industry? Innovify has investigated the world of blockchain to discover its disruptive nature and its potential effect on FX-focussed companies around the world. Crucially, how this will affect the end-users and local forex industries?

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