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Customer Identity Verification: Empower Your Business with our AI based KYC Solutions

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Innovify is a digital product studio for small-to-medium organisations, demanding the very best in new product development and business transformation by harnessing the power of disruptive technologies.

We provide a wide range of digital services that are fully-flexible and available as and when you need to scale your operations. Whether that’s dedicated software teams or general IT outstaffing, we provide efficient and reliable staff augmentation.

With a history of reliable support to plenty of companies who’ve hit peak demand over the past 7 years, we’re your trusted partner to help you achieve your goals faster and efficiently.


AI Powered Facial Verification

Our state-of-the-art AI Powered Facial Verification service, revolutionizing identity authentication with unparalleled precision and security. Seamlessly merging artificial intelligence and facial recognition technology, this service ensures a swift and reliable verification process. Our AI & ML models analyse unique facial features, providing a robust defence against identity fraud. Experience the confidence of airtight security, as our AI adapts and evolves to recognize even subtle changes over time. Elevate your business with the future of authentication – AI Powered Facial Verification.

AI Based Document Verification

Our AI-Based Document Verification service, a solution ensuring foolproof authentication of crucial documents. Powered by advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, this service scans and analyses documents with unmatched precision, minimizing the risk of fraudulent submissions. From identity verification to compliance checks, our AI & ML models scrutinizes documents for authenticity, ensuring airtight protection against forgeries. Elevate your business operations with the reliability and efficiency of AI-Based Document Verification, your trusted ally in safeguarding sensitive information and bolstering the integrity of your document authentication processes.

Customer & Address Verification

Elevate your business integrity with our Customer & Address Verification service, a robust solution ensuring accurate and reliable customer data. Seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology, this service authenticates customer information, minimizing errors and enhancing operational efficiency. Validate customer identities, mitigate fraud risks, and streamline your onboarding processes with ease. Our advanced algorithms, cross-referencing customer-provided details with authoritative sources to ensure the utmost accuracy. Enhance trust, reduce risks, and foster a secure environment for your business with our Customer & Address Verification service, the cornerstone of dependable customer data management.

AML Screening Solution

Our cutting-edge technology employs advanced algorithms to conduct thorough Anti-Money Laundering (AML) screenings, meticulously scanning vast databases to identify and flag potential risks. This proactive approach ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and shields your business from illicit activities. Seamlessly integrated into your operations, our AML Screening Solution streamlines the due diligence process, offering real-time insights and minimizing false positives. Safeguard your financial ecosystem with confidence, as our solution fortifies your defence against money laundering threats, protecting both your assets and reputation with unparalleled efficiency and precision.

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