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Teaglo Case Study






A social platform for educators, teachers and non-teaching staff.


Innovify knew creating an innovative social platform for educators meant driving the right messaging and tailoring the entire experience for the community of teachers and other members of the academic community. This is where it had to start. Given the plethora of social sites and the way people spend hours dabbling on different mainstream social platforms, creating a difference for Teaglo needed a strategy, to make the brand more personal. Two immediate priorities were thinking of it UX and UI-wise and then applying both iterative as well as incremental development methodologies to achieve highly targeted outcome for the intended audience.

Key Objectives

  • Shaping a digital product that transform into teachers' own social network
  • Leverage UX/UI as effective intervention to combat cyberbullying
  • Safguard online privacy while letting users gain access to opportunities with ease



Not just another social network. Crafting a linkedin for schools & educators.

Innovify came up with a solution that helped killed two birds with one stone – ensuring only genuine / authentic participants as platform users and drastically reducing cyberbullying by discouraging or restricting bogus users from joining the platform. Innovify came up with a highly secure & effective registration solution, which required interested users to provide their school’s email ID in order to sign up with Teaglo. As users were required to provide their authentic & official credentials, it clearly made user registration process a lot easier, and helped in keeping cyberbullying elements at bay. Secondly, it offered tremendous simplicity and ease in connecting with another teacher or school, also making the task of following a career opportunity or job posting uncomplicated as all that was needed was using one’s official email ID. This workflow design came very close to the experience of connecting & following people & jobs on a platform like LinkedIn.

Technology used

react-4 nodejs mangodb aws-4


The Innovify team helped ensure that the Teaglo project was on-time, within budget and built to meet incredibly high spec demands, through agile and lean principles. The platform was built with the founder’s initial vision, ensuring their mission statement was intact. Moreover, with the competitive landscape saturated with social media platforms, Teaglo was designed to stand out from the crowd, crafted with academics in mind. Therefore, this ensured that the end-users would be happy with product as it was built for them, by them, from its very inception.

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