Artificial Intelligence Innovation Product Development

Creating Tomorrow’s Products with AI & Machine Learning

The reality of Moore’s Law regarding big data infrastructure totally transformed the Product Development & Management process of the product. Product managers and product owners are more and more expected to be tech-oriented. AI & Machine learning capabilities are among the skills highly hunted...

Marketing and Sales

Launching a Digital Product: Research Strategies for Success

Whether you’re a startup, SME or huge corporate, you all know you need to be launching a Digital Product & innovate to succeed. What I see more of these days is a huge swell of companies that already have a successful business in their own right and are innovating some great product ideas, and most of them have been great at surveying the competition before they take the next...

Product Development

Digital Product Development: A Must-Read Guide for Success

Keeping up with the competition in today’s corporate world requires a strong focus on developing new digital products. With rising competition and fast-changing technology, companies must create creative goods that satisfy consumer wants to remain ahead. Yet, creating effective digital goods is not simple; it calls for a systematic approach informed by a thorough familiarity with the...