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Park Street: Importing, Distributing for Wine and Spirits Brands


Park Street




Parkstreet is a specialist wholesaler and distributor for beverages in the USA. Modernize legacy systems by developing modern microservices based architecture, developed mobile apps, integrated with many 3rd party systems, developed big data solution and cloud migration.


Innovify’s initial work involved working closely with Park Street, and indeed some of its clients, to ascertain what the distribution aspect of their businesses required in practice. Park Street needed the most robust system possible to optimize its supply chain from shipping to delivery. This required the team at Innovify to develop an end-to-end solution from scratch which would suit the requirements of both Park Street and its clients in turn. Work continued intensively with a focus on moving away from older systems which were no longer well-supported, if at all.

Key Objectives

  • The advance sought by Parkstreet was the integration of several existing platforms into an application for its clients.
  • The intention was to enable distributors to communicate sales and transportation data in a streamlined and reliable manner, thereby allowing the distribution to be better organized
  • To enable the targeting of specific areas in response to demand.



There were multiple streams of work executed for the client as follows:

1. Platform modernization team with the primary purpose of redesigning and redeveloping the core platform and 3rd party integrations

2. Mobile app development to enable the end users to have a more connected experience and real time updates

3. Data analytics team responsible to create big data solution and help uncover business insights

Technology used

php-2 python react-5

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