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Oneway cab case study


Oneway Cab


Web, Mobile App


Oneway.Cab, the uber of intercity travel needed a strong product development partner


Vivek and Devang are management experts and had extreme insights of the travel industry before they founded OneWayCab. Since they both did not have expertise over technology, when they approached Innovify they were doing 80% of their bookings using a call-centre and the rest via website which involved a lot of human intervention.

This was not scalable and hence needed a strong Tech Team so that they can transform to accomplish all 80% bookings in an automated fashion.

Key Objectives

  • NO INTERVENTION of Operations Team
  • ACQUIRE BOOKINGS using both Web & Mobile Channels
  • Equip Finance team to RECOVER DEBTS FASTER
  • RECONCILE the accounts online
  • A well MONITORED Cloud infrastructure which is STABLE and ROBUST System to be online 24x7
  • Increase the RETURN-SET UTILISATION Percentage to maximise profits of the business
  • Define & implement the KPIs so that business has DATA driven decision



This was the transformation they were looking onto & Innovify resolved this in an Agile way – ‘defining smaller targets, achieving them, learning from them & defining the next iterations.’

  • All Web bookings to be directly accepted by the drivers themsleves with minimum intervention of the dispatch, which meant creating a Driver App for accepting and rejecting a ride based on the basic algorithm of preferences (can’t reveal the algorithm though) and monitoring the same with Dispatch Panel. The same Dispatch panel was provided to the call-centre team where they started punching bookings into the system to then push them back to the Driver App for ride confirmations. This brought the call-centre load down to 50% as now the call-centre was not calling drivers to assign jobs to them.
  • Create Customer App for Android and iOS wherein customers can directly book the rides and those rides can be directly passed onto the drivers so that the load on call-centre reduces further to 20%, which brought in a lot of efficiency in the system, but still the Dispatch Panel needed a lot of intervention to follow up with drivers to accept rides.
  • Create Loyalty features and Refer and Earn features to make sure that users do their bookings via Tech and not call the call-centre to earn discounts and loyalty benefits. Also, exposing the APIs to be integrated by third party travel aggregators like Ibibo, ixigo, etc. also helped in bringing down the calls to call-centre next to zero.

In order to serve such a realtime application, the technology needed to be scalable and robust. Innovify ensured implementation of enterprise principles while building the product in an agile way. Foundation of the product was so well thought; through that any component to add was a piece of cake. Some of the key components which built the foundation of the application are:

  • DATA LIFECYCLE: Ensuring which data is active for faster retrieval and which can be delayed ensuring the application to be fast and responsive. A Hybrid Database to store important and redundant data using SQL and NO-SQL databases ensuring the data privacy and laid the foundation for Analytics using BIG DATA tools.
  • MICRO SERVICES: Each component of the application was built decoupled from day one so that the micro-services could be deployed over multiple containers to scale the application as well as database; both horizontally and vertically.
  • HIGH AVAILABILITY: Using the right deployment practices and ensuring Load balancing principles, the system was always available whenever there was a spike over festivals.

Innovify not only acted as the product development partner, but also brought in Agile & Lean processes using Scrum Methodologies so that the team can scale for tomorrow. Innovify’s unique BOT model (Build – Operate – Transfer) helped them raise funds and provided them enough time to hire the key positions in-house to take the product to next level. The Agile coaches at Innovify trained new members of the OneWayCab Development team about Agile and Scrum whilst the Technical Architects not only helped in hiring the right talent, but also ensured that the right development practices are followed in the organisation.

Technology used

java-2 aws-4 android-2 ios mangodb


cite icon which was bootstrapping, could successfully raise $450K from Indian Angel Network and was prepared to take on the stalwarts like Uber and Ola in intercity travel domain and now are operating in 400+ routes with very less staff and with the help of Innovify’s transparent process; now controls the tech and scaling it from there. Still, Vikas Agarwal is the Acting CTO of the company to help and guide them whenever they need assistance. They are now planning to raise $3M to ensure country wide operations.

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