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DrinkupLondon Digital Transformation


DrinkUp London


Web, Mobile App


Brewing digital magic for enhanced user engagement


DrinkUp.London, primarily an offline business, relied on 3rd party apps / websites to enable ticket sales for their three flagship events namely London Cocktail Week, London Beer Week and London Wine Week. The company was looking for an impressive digital identity and wanted to move from a system of issuing offline passes to digital passes for events. This solution needed to guarantee the sanctity of these digital passes and prevent their copying or transfer to someone else.

DrinkUp.London was determined to do more for their loyal community while also hoping to cut costs arising from printing expenses and licensing/subscription to 3rd party platforms for ticket sales. The challenge was to understand their existing back-end process and drive digital transformation within the parameters defined by this process.

While they wanted to transition their offline business to a brand new, fully-owned digital platform, which included an app, the company wanted to cause minimum disruption to their on-going service. They did not want to impact their existing services and customers in any way or form.

Key Objectives

  • Transitioning offline business to digital and remaining faithful to the proven offline model
  • Ensuring continued engagement and uninterrupted experience for existing users
  • Remodelling business model from a wristband to digital pass format
  • Emphasise on UX to ensure users make the most of platform functionality
  • Go beyond building an ordinary app and offer content sustainable user engagement
  • Deliver a simpler & enjoyable experience to book tickets



Reimagining ux and ui through user experience design

Overhauling user experience and digital user interface for the community that celebrates life meant thinking about the experience through their eyes. To this end, Innovify began developing entire UX by first studying the target personas and by identifying their behaviour. This led to the idea of building a hybrid app using Xamarin for iOS and Android and Windows OS support based on the Xamarin SDK support. With this, Innovify built a platform that offered a seamless browsing experience, simplified community engagement, and made it easy to explore the raft of available events.

Technology used

ios android-2 java-2


The end result has seen a smooth transition from print to digital, ensuring that the existing customer base was not affected by the company’s digital transformation. In addition to creating successful traction on new website and app, the company has clawed back more revenue from 3rd party ticket sellers through the introduction of it’s own ticket selling platform.

DrinkUP.London didn’t have a digital identity that could serve as their base for online sales. By driving the company’s digital transition, we eliminated the costs attached to printing & postage for all their events; this continuous to improve their overall margins. The digital transformation not only helped successfully transfer its audience over from print, but is also helping attract a newer, more digital-focused audience (particularly the younger generation).

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