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Inform Communications






Read how a dedicated team helped to fundamentally improve a delivery for Inform Communication — and created a fully-packaged platform ahead of schedule.


Inform Communications was launched in 1991 with a singular vision: to provide efficient, meaningful digital transformation for local government customer service teams.

They’ve since established themselves as a major player, supporting some of the largest councils in the UK, as well as innumerable other private sector businesses looking to optimise their customer service process.
Their solutions arrive in the marketplace fully built, scripted and ready to use. This approach is designed to keep costs down and minimise potentially disruptive business integration.

Nevertheless, this model hasn’t always proven plain sailing. In one particular instance, Inform was committed to working alongside the UK Counsel for Scottish Waters with the task of building an out-of-the-box customer support chatbot for their website.

With 30 years experience, their expertise was more than accomplished enough to rise to the challenge. However, because of a particular software development team they’d hired for the job, things unfortunately weren’t going to plan.

Luckily, Inform were quick to establish the problems at hand — with a team that lacked the correct skills for the job, organised in a way that meant there was a general lack of accountability as to how and when various features were to be delivered. This led to costly delays, avoidable miscommunications, and a work-in-progress product that was both untested and unfit for purpose.



So, they got in touch with CodeMonk — looking for direction and a workable solution for rapid tech team recruitment and scaling.

After reviewing the project’s technical specifications, back-end dependencies, and end deliverables, we showed the Inform team how to harness our platform’s powerful filtering application. They were impressed as to the speed and accuracy with which it tapped into CodeMonk elite talent pool of tech professionals — so much so that they ended up assembling two mission-ready teams in less time than it would typically take to assemble one!

After careful consideration they selected one of the two teams, based on the in-depth talent profiling accessible within the CodeMonk dashboard.

With the pre-existing tasks easily delegated to the new team members, they were able to go straight to work at tackling the project’s legacy issues. And, once the application’s codebase was handily corrected, they set to work on implementing the specified feature requirements at pace.

Not only did their brand new chatbot go live way ahead of the client’s deadline, but it also included additional features that went beyond the scope of the original design.

Technology used

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“After having struggled with an agency for some time, it was a great relief to work with CodeMonk. The team helped me with all the hiring and onboarding in a lot less time and I felt a great deal of trust and transparency from day one. The CodeMonk team of developers have been an amazing contribution and have tackled all tasks with great efficiency and always before deadlines. CodeMonk has really been a breath of fresh air for me”  

Andrej Godina
Head of Engineering at Inform Communications

Capable of answering all customer queries, and resolving up to 90% of them without any agent assistance at all, Inform were able to present their client with multilingual support in 30+ languages, plus voice, SMS, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger integration.

This solution is estimated to have saved upwards of £90,000 a year by avoiding unnecessary calls, emails and walk-ins, while speeding up revenue collection through improved efficiency — and all thanks to a star team built and managed around the CodeMonk platform.

Find out how CodeMonk could help you form a dedicated team that’s assembled with a singular product purpose in mind. All you need is a great idea you’d like to see built, and the rest is easy thanks to our unique approach to recruiting and organising talent. Fully remote, and fully equipped to realise any product design you can think of.

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