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Jun 22, 2022



In the first month of 2019, Innovify’s #ProductTalk community meet up the Showcaser team – a corporate venture of Sthree. Michelle Parsons (Product Manager and Co-Founder), Phil Smith (Development Manager) and Donna Owen (Head of Sales) shared their experience on how their startup, Showcaser, came to be where it is now.

The evening started with an introduction from Andy Hallett,  Investment Director at SThree Ventures. SThree is a leading international staffing company, that provides specialist contract and permanent recruitment services in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) sector.


Three of the members of Showcaser provided their insights on how their golden triangle – Dreamer, a Hacker and a Hustler, all impacted the roadmap of Showcaser.


Michelle – the Dreamer talked about how she learnt from the past mistakes regarding the competitor analysis and how she managed to organise the present challenges, without losing the enthusiasm. A very important part of her talk was about how she selected the best Project Management tools for the Showcaser team.


Phil the Hacker, shared his experience of being a developer in a start-up, as a very unique opportunity to grow your skills broadly and rapidly.  He also gave the audience tips on how to manage expectations, avoid multitasking and much more. He concluded that his position on the team can be summed up as chief team-leading technical database support analyst developer architect manager that also implements UI!


Donna the Hustler,  talked about the importance of product market fit and how to deal with the pleasure/pain cycle.  Her conclusion was that a customer physically handing over their hard earned cash is the most measurable way to validate your product.

Thanks, everyone who made it down on such a cold day! You can download the slides from this #ProductTalk here. As always, we’ll be doing another event next month so, please do keep your eyes on our Eventbrite page.

If you would like to speak at our #ProductTalk or another one of ours at a later date, please contact our marketing manager, Heshaam Hague, at

At Innovify we help start-ups, scale-ups and corporates with developing their products and services. This includes tech support, innovation ideation, agile development and much more. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, please get in contact with Maulik Sailor at

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Prakash Pilley, Client Services Director
Prakash Pilley

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