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Jun 28, 2022




In this months Product Talk, Keeping in mind the struggles start-ups face while choosing between Agile or Waterfall approaches, we discussed both in detail, throwing light on the intricacies of both methodologies.

After the success of its previous Product Talks, Innovify held yet another Product Talk that saw great participation too!Innovify’s Product Talks had initiated with a discussion on the problems faced when one has a startup idea…

We went on to discuss various different stages of a product, explaining what MVP, MLP, MSP & MMP mean & how they work towards delivering customer value; that lead us to discuss feature prioritisation while building an MVP.

The next logical step was to build it. Often  a challenge whether to go Agile or Waterfall in our approach to build the MVP is come across, and it is also one of the crucial decisions. Keeping in mind the struggles start-ups face with either of the approaches, we discussed both in detail, throwing light on the intricacies of both methodologies.

Maulik Sailor, Founder Innovify talked about the Innovify Approach to building an MVP, followed by The Specialist Approach by Anja Kluver, Founder Prospectus.EU. A lot of repeat participants from our older talks was encouraging & a lot of new members that added value to the discussion.

“My first meet up, looking forward to the next one!”, said Princepreet Chana, Product Manager, one of the excited members of the Product Talk; “not only is this knowledge sharing, but also a great networking opportunity”, said another participant.

We mean to keep our participants engaged with more such interesting and essential elements of Product Management. If you too want to attend one of our Product Talks, come be part of our meetup group and be updated with our upcoming Talks!

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Prakash Pilley, Client Services Director
Prakash Pilley

Client Services Director