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Jun 23, 2022



Offering an enhanced user experience and greater control over various aspects of money management, fintech apps are an efficient and practical way of looking after your finances. With users now spending around seven times longer on apps than on mobile sites, and mobile use accounting for an ever larger percentage of the time we spend online, investing in apps is a natural step for the fintech industry.

Fintech Apps In One click

Over the past few months, an increasing number of fintech apps have become available to both individual users and businesses. To help you work out which are best for your personal or professional needs, we’re taking a look at five of the best apps currently available for download


If you’re looking for an app that will help you to manage your bills, keep track of your budget and stay on top of your finances, Mint is the perfect choice. The user-friendly interface is very easy to get to grips with, making it painless to stay up to date with your latest incomings and outgoings. One of the best things about the app is its level of security. All data contained in the app is encrypted with a 256-bit encryption and the data exchanged with Mint is encrypted with 128-bit SSL.


Available for both android and ios users, Revolut has a number of useful and practical features. The app allows you to open bank accounts in minutes and also lets users exchange 28 currencies at a real rate. On top of that, the app offers free transactions in 130 currencies, free debit cards with global delivery and the ability to purchase and trade cryptocurrencies.


Trigger is a must have app for anyone who has money in the stock market. Although not directly connected to any money operations, the app will notify you of events that are likely to have an impact on the stock market – including tweets sent by President Donald Trump.


Blockchain is fast becoming an important technology in fintech so it’s no surprise that apps are being developed to help users navigate the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Coinbase is one of the best and one of the easiest to use. Even if you can’t tell your bitcoin from your ethereum, the app will make managing your cryptocurrencies easy by allowing you to keep track of all your transactions via a user-friendly interface. Cryptocurrencies supported by the app include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash.


If the main reason you want to manage your money is so you can boost your savings, this is the app for you. Acorns makes it easy to save and to make your savings work for you. The app invests your money in a wide range of opportunities, helping to boost your returns and minimise your risk at the same time. The amount you can expect to earn from your investments will vary depending on the portfolio you choose, with conservative to aggressive options available.

As fintech apps grow in popularity, the number – and the quality – of apps available will only increase. Start working with these high tech, easy to use apps now and you could well find that you’re managing your money more efficiently than ever before.

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