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Jun 23, 2022




Tomorrow evening, Innovify is happy to introduce TingLi Lorigiano as our guest speaker at our monthly #ProductTalks event in central London, Tower Hill. TingLi is a product manager specialising in retail technology and product design, with over two and half years’ industry experience. She has successfully delivered products on multiple platforms, for a plethora of high-profile brands over the years.

Our audience can enjoy listening to her stories from her time in industry thus far and how the STEM product design process can improve efficiencies in product design, and ultimately the overall good or service. Other areas of her expertise that you can expect TingLi to cover are as follows:

  • Understanding the voice of the customer
  • Product/market fit
  • Market strategy

Interestingly, TingLi has had an incredibly varied career path before ending up in retail technology. Everything from her early beginnings as a scientist or to her becoming an international beauty queen. One of the major highlights was her coming 2nd runner-up in the Ms Chinese International pageant back in 2014.


So if you’d like to catch the talented Ms TingLi at our #ProductTalks on the 17th of April, you can sign-up and get your ticket here.

As per usual with our #ProductTalks, there will, of course, be free beer and pizza courtesy of Innovify.

See you all tomorrow!

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