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Product Talks : Building Tomorrow’s Products with Machine Learning

Jun 22, 2022



The most recent #ProductTalk from Innovify was about building digital products with machine learning, and we were pleased to have Ammar Jawad from to provide his insights on the topic., an affiliate of the Expedia Group, is a leading provider of hotel accommodation worldwide, connecting to 16 million monthly users and 325,000 hotels.


Ammar Jawad

Ammar Jawad began his professional career in marketing, working with corporations like Microsoft and Ubisoft.  However, after a few years, Ammar decided to change career paths and pursue his true passion: data science.  Mr. Jawad completed 50 or more online courses spanning coding, statistics, data analytics, and machine learning and reinvented himself as an emerging data-scientist.  Today, he works as a product manager and machine learning practitioner for  Ammar works to mentor and transform institution-led processes into analytical, data-driven processes, through machine learning.


Ammar presented “Building Tomorrow’s Products With ML (Machine Learning),” demystifying how ML works and how product managers, marketers, and business executives can apply it to their respective domains.  Ammar provided insight into the decision-making process of whether a product feature should be powered by machine learning by determining if the product fits the data prerequisites for machine learning.

He also highlighted the important link between machine learning and experimentation, which can allow for machine learning to deliver truly personalised product experiences. You can download his presentation deck here.


To sum up we’d like to thank Ammar for his time and presentation and to everyone who made it down. Our next event will be about building MVPs and prototypes for start-ups and much more. This will be from our guest speakers Lisa Terziman and Lorenza Ruiz.

Lisa Terziman – Director of Salt Edge Limited, London Office.

Key points that will be covered:

  • Principals of Design Thinking
  • What is UX?
  • Own failure story: Waterfall vs Agile
  • Structure, Skeleton, MVP
  • Feedback loop and client testing

Lorenza Ruiz – Founder and CEO @SCREENLO and ex-Googler.

Key points that will be covered:

  • Backend data and how to use to drive sales and improve website
  • User experience and heat maps

You can sign-up for this event and find more information on our EventBright page here.

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