Jun 22, 2022



The reality of Moore’s Law regarding big data infrastructure totally transformed the management process of the product. Product managers and product owners are more and more expected to be tech-oriented. Machine learning capabilities are among the skills highly hunted in the product management area and that’s why we invited Ammar for the monthly #ProductTalks event brought by Innovify in WeWork Tower Bridge.

Early on in his career, Ammar decided that being data-literate would empower and aid him in becoming a better product manager and delivering stronger results. In the past 3 years, he has completed between 30-50 online courses spanning coding, data analysis, statistics, machine learning, and data science. Today he can be found mentoring others on transitioning into data science as well as career progression. He currently manages the machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities at Hotels.com for Expedia Group in London and is tasked with training product managers in applied machine learning to drive roadmap adoption.


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Key points that will be covered by Ammar:

  • Brand new framework to help you evaluate whether a product feature should be powered by machine learning;
  • A better understanding of how machine learning can deliver truly personalised product experiences;
  • Understanding the link between machine learning and experimentation;

So if you’d like to catch the talented Mr. Jawad at our #ProductTalks on the 6th of November, you can sign-up and get your ticket here.

As per usual with our #ProductTalks, there will, of course, be free beer and pizza courtesy of Innovify.

See you all on 6th November!

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Prakash Pilley, Client Services Director
Prakash Pilley

Client Services Director