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ProductTalks: Building Prototypes for Startups vs Enterprises

Jun 22, 2022



Innovify is thrilled for our upcoming #ProductTalk, featuring two esteemed guest speakers, Lisa Terziman and Lorenza Ruiz, which will be held on November 28 in central London, Tower Hill.  These two have exemplified the spirit of an entrepreneur from an early age, both founding and running their own businesses within the tech sphere, successfully, while excelling in UX and product design.


Lisa Terziman cofounded a personal finance advising app, Fentury, to help people improve their savings.  She continues to work within the finance sector of technology today, currently leading the Business Development Office in London for Salt Edge Inc, a start-up helping banks, lenders, and other financial institutions to exchange information.  Her expertise is running and scaling businesses from an early stage, building MVP’s and improving overall UX.

Our audience will enjoy her stories, including failures, from her time in the industry and advice necessary on how to adapt and enhance both products and businesses.  Other areas of Lisa’s expertise that you can expect to be covered during her talk are as follows:

  • Principals of Design Thinking
  • What is UX?
  • Own failure story: Waterfall vs Agile
  • Structure, Skeleton, MVP
  • Feedback loop and client testing


Lorenza Ruiz attended the Imperial College Business School, earning her MSc in Innovation Management.  As a former Google employee, Lorenza developed an expertise in product management.  More specifically, she specialized in using previous user engagement data to spur change for products and businesses.  Today, Lorenza Ruiz uses these skills as the CEO and Founder of Screenlo, a Digital Out-Of-Home Programmatic Demand Side Platform (DSP).

The attendees will learn of Lorenza’s triumphs and downfalls throughout her time in the industry.  She will provide her insight into how to improve the overall UX of products and services, alike, by analyzing and reacting to data.  Ms. Ruiz will also cover other topics in which she is an expert such as:

  • Backend data and how to use it to drive sales and improve website
  • User experience and heat maps

So if you’d like to catch Lisa Terziman and Lorenza Ruiz at our #ProductTalk on the 28th of November, you can sign-up and get your ticket here.

As per usual with our #ProductTalks, there will, of course, be free beer and pizza courtesy of Innovify.

See you all there!

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