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Uniting for Independence Day with Jeevandhara Vrudh Ashram

Jun 29, 2022



Taking time off from their busy lives in air conditioned offices, team Innovify decided to spread fun & fervor at the home for the elderly.


August 15th, 2015 marked as a day of compassion for Team Innovify as they celebrated the 69th Independence day creating memories for the elderly, the actual custodians of Independent India, at the Jeevandhara Vrudh Asharam(Home for Elderly).

We believe strongly that time is the most precious gift anyone can give said Mr. Vikas Agarwal, MD India. With the same thought, instead of pulling off any gimmick on Independence Day, Innovify’s Team India decided to spend a day at the Vrudh Asharam. The wise old residents shared stories and the place came alive with an air of festivity and excitement as everyone gathered for Garba(traditional Gujarati dance) and sang old & traditional songs.


Indeed a memorable day that left the team feeling inspired to give back to the society and feel more responsible

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