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Innovify Ranked Among Top App Development Companies

Jun 23, 2022



Innovify Named a Top App Development Company

With our innovation, technical expertise, and a team of design and development experts, Innovify has consistently been a trusted technological partner for entrepreneurial businesses looking to expand. Innovify has committed itself to provide all services requisite for growth and innovation; from design and development to implementation and consulting, the process that our clients seek is one that Innovify has proven experience and success with.


Our team is excited to share that our dedication to exceptional product and service and our diligence in supporting and collaborating with clients have recently been noted by professional research and reviews firms Clutch and The Manifest.

For our work in app development, Innovify has been lauded by both firms as one of the top 100 developers in India and has received similar acclaim in the software field as one of the top 25 software development firms in the nation. We are very grateful for such recognition and for the validation of our hard work, outstanding team members, and high-quality software deliverables.

Clutch and The Manifest ranked the app and software development industries by reviewing all small and mid-market firms within both fields. By compiling and analysing each business’ data, such as our market presence, prior experience, and customer feedback, as well as other qualitative and quantitative scorings, the two Washington, D.C. business insight companies ultimately produce industry and nationwide listings of the leaders in each field or country.

In addition to the features from The Manifest and Clutch as one of the top mobile app developers in India, leading the pack in a field of more than 1500 firms, and as a top 25 software developer and top 100 app development company, Innovify wants to thank our clients for their partnership and praise, as well as the feedback left for our team on Clutch.


“They really stepped up for us and acted as an advisor, taking an active interest in the idea to make it real for us  … We didn’t have a typical relationship where we told them what to do and they did it. We told them what we wanted, and then they started to question why. It allowed them to put together everything we needed to get the product right,” shared a client. “They’re not just the development house, but an organisation that wants to make sure what they’re developing is also right.”

“I appreciate Innovify’s ability to listen and guide us when we’re struggling and to accommodate resources as needed. Those aspects set them apart from other firms,” agreed another client. “We are really happy with the quality of work and their interactive approach. I am quite impressed with the way they handled complicated parts of our project. To date, I’ve had no issues with their work in terms of programming, account management, and cost … Through their track record of consistent output and strong industry knowledge, Innovify now manages all digital work in an outsourced model. The team’s thoughtful guidance, responsiveness, scalability, and incredible pricing continue to drive results.”

Innovify immensely values the affirmations of the quality product, service, and operations of our team; thank you to Clutch, The Manifest, and to our clients for their support and encouragement of our efforts. If you are interested in learning more about our approach or in collaborating with us on a potential project, reach out to us here. We look forward to connecting soon!

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