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Grand Success: Innovify Hosts Another Product Talk Event

Jun 28, 2022




The product talk hosted by Innovify saw a great participation in the second meet up on November 9th, 2015 at Just Eat, London where we discussed the importance and challenges of delivering a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). 

MVP teaches you how to build good, sustainable products. But having said that, the key takeaway of the meetup was to understand that MVP doesn’t define everything about a product; it has a preceding stage (minimum learn-able product, i.e. MLP) and two subsequent stages (minimum saleable product, i.e. MSP and minimum marketable product, i.e. MMP). With an understanding that MVP means different things to different people, the topic for discussion this time was Race to deliver customer value- MVP vs MLP vs MSP vs MMP. Alistair Craxton, Co-Founder & CTO- PathPlanr talked from the perspective of the startup approach & Paul Dunlop of Just-Eat threw light on the corporate side of things.

The whooping turnout & the long waitlist at this Product Talk marked the success of the last product talk held on October 9th, 2015 where Innovify had addresses the problems faced when you have a startup idea.

“Great evening and good to meet up some of you! I wish it were longer. Thanks for making it happen!”, said Anja Klüver, Experience Director, digital products & services, Prospect

“It was a great experience. I found the talks interesting and educational. The only thing that I would suggest is for the presentations to be slightly longer next time if possible.”, cited out Dimitar Dimov, another attendee at the Meet Up. 

To discuss the current trends in innovation, product strategy, product development and overall product management, we keep scheduling such talks. To enroll, visit here. To stay updated with the schedule of Product talks, follow us here.

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Prakash Pilley, Client Services Director
Prakash Pilley

Client Services Director