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Jun 28, 2022



Ok, so I’ll leap straight into this one…get some devs!

Amid the myriad of challenges that people currently face in digital marketing, from gaining fresh opt-ins, engaging with your audience, building lifetime value, managing huge amounts of data, and more, the biggest challenge of all is the opportunity cost.

I Warned you GIF

I’ve seen firsthand the amount of great ideas that have been shelved/buried/hidden like a dotty old aunt in a cupboard, purely because people will only commit budget to the same old campaigns and channels.

The most hilarious part of all of this is when a company’s competitors steal a march on them by trying something considered ‘out of the norm’, and they scratch their heads, wail, gnash teeth, etc., shouting at the sky, “WHYYYYY, HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!!”.

Quite simple old fruit, you put opportunity cost in front of customer experience, potential new streams of revenue and having a competitive edge. There will always be someone hungrier, faster to market, bigger, has a nicer car, whatever.

Properly evaluate what’s in front of you and how it would impact your customers, your clients, and affiliates. If you don’t have the resource, but have the money, then find an outsource partner. They’re not all the devil, you can test the bona fide ones on how good they are at what they do. Hell, if they’re really good they’ll let you talk to their clients and see case studies to back it up!

The key thing here is, it’s not about relinquishing control, but maintaining it. It’s realising projects without breaking the bank. It’s about trying to keep your customers engaged, happy and spending (let’s not BS here, that pays for the wages and budgets).

When opportunity knocks, don’t hide behind a cliché under the stairs peddling the same old pap, it’ll save some teeth gnashing. The neighbours will probably appreciate a dissipation on the wailing front too.

We can either run a product audit for you, or a design workshop to see how you can get things moving. If you then allow us to build the product, we’ll reimburse whatever you’ve spent on an audit/design workshop.

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