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Innovify Recognized as Innovative UK Digital Agency by BIMA

Jun 22, 2022



Innovify has now been running for over 7 years and in that time, the company has grown rapidly, as well as the industry. Some technologies have risen, and others have fallen. The likes of cryptocurrencies, machine learning and blockchain will shape the future of the digital landscape. Companies will have to grow with it or face extinction.

Innovify Recognized as Innovative UK Digital Agency by BIMA

Innovify realised this and their response was to ensure that the company will be at the forefront of the tech community, leading the charge when it comes to developing new products, apps, platforms websites and much more, with these technologies as well as existing ones.

However, the other major part of the Innovify’s business principles is their close, collaborative approach with all parties. This includes everyone from their clients, partners and their suppliers. Collaboration has been key for the company, from realising their client’s vision to getting the possible results from their partners and suppliers.

Innovify’s overall approach was something which fitted well with BIMA, the British Interactive Media Association. BIMA is a not-for-profit industry body representing the digital industry in the UK. It was formed in 1985 and is a membership organisation principally made up of digital agencies.

BIMA connects the thought leaders, champions and change makers of Britain’s digital economy, driving innovation and excellence across the industry. As a BIMA member, Innovify can contribute to the local digital community via initiatives such as Digital Day, which sees businesses inspiring young people to explore careers in digital.

“We are proud to be an official member of the British Interactive Media Association. BIMA, do a great job of connecting companies like ourselves with incredibly talented individuals, propelling both parties to higher levels. I believe working within such powerful communities, in a collaborative manner, represents exactly the principles that we, as company, stand for”, says Maulik Sailor, CEO of Innovify.

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