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Jun 23, 2022




“By 2045, Artificial Intelligence will be as smart as a human being”
– Ray Kurzweil

Today Artificial Intelligence (AI) is only as smart as a cockroach. Despite us believing and seeing the magic it can achieve, the truth is that the output of AI today is equal to its input. If we put in data, Artificial Intelligence can analyse it, but do nothing more.

A cell phone today may be more powerful than the computer that sent man to the moon, but it’s still miles away from where Artificial Intelligence can have an impact on a global level. That being said, AI today is still powerful enough to change our lives for the better. It is tackling global problems at a local level.

A few brief examples would be:

  • It is helping people with social disorders find life partners.
  • It is helping music producers pick out potential stars.
  • It is helping predict diseases before it is too late.

With the advent of the Age of Information that we currently are in, Artificial Intelligence can analyse vast amounts of information that humans can’t process. In the examples given above, systems analysed data and gave results accordingly. A human would have taken years to do this. A computer can do it in seconds. AI has consistently outperformed humans.

In roughly 30 years, we will have reached a point where each of these systems are connected not just to data, but to each other, governed by a superstructure called a Singularity. The Singularity will have access to tremendous amounts of data. It will be able to predict crimes before they happen, pick out health problems before the symptoms appear, and much more.

In a hypothetical scenario, IBM said that drug trials today take decades to hit the market. With the help of this Singularity, we could test these drugs billions of times in a simulated environment on a digital human being. This would dramatically cut down on the time it would take to get to the market. Medicines could reach patients quickly, and save thousands of lives.

It is clear from all the examples, one doesn’t have to be in the field of computer science to be a part of Artificial Intelligence or the Singularity.

AI is helping businesses grow every year. Fields as diverse as music, art and medicine are being helped by it. The only thing to be done is to get started on it now..


With new jobs being created even at this nascent stage of AI, business leaders such as Mark Zuckerberg are taking a keen interest in it. Having said that, Elon Musk, one of many, believes that if Artificial Intelligence is not regulated then we will have a future that we see in movies like Terminator & The Matrix where humans are enslaved /terminated by the very machines we created.

The Singularity is very much a possible future outcome. With everything tied to the Singularity, it will be able to see everyone. It will have access to all information.

In this future, with the Singularity being the cross-point of all this information, we will need to set strict rules in place for governance. These rules will need to consider every point of view – in other words, be open source.

If all our AI is Open Sourced, like Elon Musk proposed, then we can make sure that our Singularity is truly beneficial to everyone.

It is easy to see that we will make a shift from our current Fragmented AI to a Consolidated AI. When that happens, we need to have everything in place. Rules of Artificial Intelligence, governance, and of course, how we will walk into the next age of humankind.

I am a strong believer in the power of AI, and boosting business with it. We build tools with AI, and optimise businesses every day to compete at a global level, while keeping costs local. As we consolidate towards a singularity, we each need to do our bit for the future. While you work at your business and fulfil your passion, we meet you halfway with our passion – AI.

The world of AI is exciting. Drop us a line if you would like to know what AI can do for your business.

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