PropTech - Innovify



Where financial innovation is the key to success, Landbay has successfully re-structured the path to attaining financial growth & stability. Their path breaking method of Peer-to-peer or P2P lending service allows you to lend your money to unrelated individuals or businesses; all without traditional financial intermediaries such as banks. All of your loans are secured by top class mortgages over tenanted residential properties across England & Wales. Lenders stand to benefit greatly as you tend to get above market returns & borrowers get a great deal with the banks out of the picture.

The absence of a CTO and lack of technical knowledge was a major challenge for the founders. Stringent FCA requirements needed a mature development framework.

Our Approach
Innovify joined as their co-founding partner, converting the founders’ idea to a reality. Keeping it Lean, we allowed the founders to experiment a variety of business models and pivot quickly as per the market. Post MVP, our fully managed cross-functional team accelerated the product using Agile methodology, test driven development and a mature continuous delivery framework hosted on Amazon Cloud.

Continuous product delivery that includes a CMS driven marketing website, user’s personal portal, system administration portal, patented fund management engine and a number of integrations.

Technologies used
JAVA, WordPress, HTML5, AWS, Teamcity, Selenium Grid & Integrations (Equifax AML Check, WorldPay, Mandrill)