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Innovify creates value. Value for our clients. Value for their customers. Value for our employees.
We create this value by being responsive to their needs by providing innovative
solutions, efficiently.


As a development partner Innovify is responsible for providing a complete agile development team consisting of front and back end developers, engineers, data and security specialists, business analysts,user experience and user interface designers, scrum masters and product owners that liaise and work closely with our product manager, systems architect, CTO and CEO. We work with Innovify as a collaborative team to clearly articulate the product development strategy to execute effectively and efficiently using agile methodologies…

Dele Attenda, Founder


Innovify has proven to be an ideal technology partner for Instantt. With their in-depth knowledge and experience of early stage tech start-up lifecycle, they were able to help with establishing the right company structure early on. Besides technical implementation and product management they also provided vital technical and commercial advice – from technology selection, market strategy to fund-raising and much more. It’s hard to imagine launching my start-up without their much needed advice and support. And they are a good bunch to hangout with after work…

Vikas Sharma, Founder & CEO




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