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Distributed Agile Development


With carefully designed workflows, effective communications, clear accountability & reporting, and online project management tools, we not only enable you with truly global high-performing Agile Delivery team but also reduce your project cost by up to 40%.



Dedicated Product Teams

Our best offering is to manage a complete product End-to-End with a fully dedicated cross-functional team that includes Scrum Masters, Business Analysts, Architects, Developers, Testers and DevOps. With a high through-put, we are as good as your in-house team, probably better! We will charge on a time & material basis and will allocate a dedicated on-shore delivery manager for your convenience.

Fixed Scope Projects

Suitable when you have a well-defined project or fixed budget. With a mix of Waterfall & Agile methods, we can deliver these at accelerated pace and still allow for changes & feedback to be incorporated during the development. We would charge a fixed amount committed against the agreed scope for no surprises later.

Team Augmentation & Peak Demand

At times, you just need extra resources to support your ongoing development. Look no further and trust us to work alongside your in-house team and tech leads to help them through the finishing line. We would charge on per developer per day basis to keep the accounting under control.



Slow development is frustrating, costly, and carries an added risk in such a fast-paced industry. We avoid this with a continuous delivery approach and automated software delivery process. The result is valuable software produced in short cycles to ensure it is launched to deadline, every time.

Innovify In-house Teams Outsourcing (Agencies
and Offshoring)
Cost Efficient Y Y
Large Tech Toolbox Y Y Y
Product Mgmt Y Y
Agile Coaching Y
Innovation Design Y Y
Software & App Dev. Y Y Y
QA and Tech Mgmt. Y Y Y
Support Services Y Y Y
Mentoring Network Y

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