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R&D Tax Relief

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We have secured government funding for startups and companies who didn’t even know they were entitled to it. Because of our intricate knowledge of government schemes and initiatives, we can make sure that your product has the extra funding it needs to maximise returns on investment.


you don’t have to wear a lab coat to receive r&d funding

It’s surprising how many start-ups believe these R&D schemes are reserved for high tech companies or scientists in research labs. This simply isn’t true. We have acquired significant funding for companies who either pre-emptively disqualified themselves or were oblivious to the range of schemes they could apply for: You have two qualifying schemes.


R&D tax credits

There are direct costs that are expressed through the profit and loss account


R&D capital allowances

These are capital expenditures that are recorded on the balance sheet


Who can avail

The UK HMRC’s definition of R&D for tax purposes is very wide, but basically if your product aims to advance technology by addressing a void or inadequacy, you are eligible to apply.

An advance in technology does not necessarily mean disruptive, ground-breaking, innovative or novel work. If you have made something cheaper, faster, smaller, larger or longer, it could count as R&D. Similarly, if you have duplicated a product, process or service and improved it in the process, then this could also be eligible.


How the scheme works

The R&D tax credit can take the form of either significant cash back or a reduction in a company’s tax liability. It is even possible to claim both an R&D grant and R&D tax relief on the same expenditure.

Profitable start-ups paying corporation tax will receive 175% tax relief on eligible R&D costs. So for every £10,000 of costs you can write off £17,500 against your corporation tax bill.

Loss-making start-ups obviously don’t pay corporation tax, but this doesn’t mean you don’t benefit. Start-ups making a loss can claim back a cash payment of 24.5% of eligible costs.


Cost Eligibility

Our experts have a 100% track record for successful winning claims for many of our clients. In some cases, we secured over £5m in as little as four weeks. With the service offered on a “no win, no fee” basis, so you can trust you won’t be out of pocket if the claim is rejected.


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