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ideas are not the start
of a product

inspiration is

There is no metaphor more apt for what we do than casting metal. You mine ideas which we then meld with technology to produce useful products for people to use.


By integrating education, practice and own research, Maulik allowed Imperial students to develop the practical and critical thinking skills they will need to be the inventors and innovators of the future. Through an inspiring session, he enabled the participants to go from concept to drawing, models to prototype, and redesign to final product

Students, Imperial College


It was a great session & in a language that was accessible to students from any background or stage with their start up idea. It provided a realistic overview of the complexities of setting up a tech business, highlighting very clearly areas where students would need to be careful when briefing developers and designers to ensure they would end up with the product they needed…

Rachel Brown, Enterprise Programme Manager



Digital Product Foundry

There is no metaphor more apt for what we do than casting metal. You mine ideas which we then meld with technology to produce useful products for people to use. Scientists are always coming up with new ways of combining metals to strengthen performance, and ultimately make products that are more valuable. That’s our goal too, transforming digital ideas into scalable products that enhance the lives of those using them.

Our experts are hungry to impart their knowledge onto those who can really benefit from it. We have a wealth of hands-on experience in project management, growth hacking, and fund-raising. So we’ve created workshops to share that knowledge and experience with you. To keep you inspired, we keep you updated on all the freshest from the world of digital development.



Make products that make a difference

This is what our monthly product talks are essentially about; discussing how we can make ideas into products that are worth something practically and financially. The talks focus on key areas like building, improving and launching new digital products and services. We’ll expose participants to current trends in innovation, product strategy, and product development, and present them with the latest tools and technologies to make their jobs easy (or at least a little less daunting).

If you’re a startup founder or project management professional, you should get on board. We pick a theme for each monthly meet-up and invite experts from startups and corporates to join. They share their views and experiences, and you get to weigh in with questions and debate.

When and how to launch your MVP?

March 14, 2016 @ 6:30 pm

At our last meet-up, we discussed about "How to effectively build an MVP". In the next meetup we will talk…

25 attendees RSVP?

Location: Raimaking Loft St Katharine's Dock, London,


what you take in determines what you put out

So take in sharp insights, real knowledge, and proven techniques to make awesome products that actually profit

Introduction: An overview of startup and product lifecycle and the most prevalent challenges at foot.
Value Proposition: Understanding the essence of a promising startup i.e. its inherent value.
User Centered Design: Identifying the importance of user requirements.
Product Management: A delicate balance between customers, business and technology.
Product Roadmap & Planning: Understanding how to apply lean principles to realise your vision.
Technology Selection: Identify the most common technologies, tools and frameworks & their dynamics.
Prototype: Create a working prototype you can take away to share, test and continue to develop.
Pitch: Developing 30 second, 1 minute and 2 minute pitches that capture the attention of your target group.

Possible side effects of attending our workshop

  • Improve speed and enable innovation
  • Collaborate with multiple teams
  • Generate new ideas
  • Derive disruptive solutions
  • Kick start new projects
  • Learn about new digital tools
  • Think differently
  • Understand your customers better

The workshop was incredibly useful and “pure gold”. We are all eagerly waiting for Innovify’s deck to start work on all the useful things they said…

Entrepreneurs & Startups, IncuBus Ventures


Amazing workshop about Agile Management with Maulik Sailor. It was a great learning opportunity. Eagerly waiting for the next workshop to be organised…

Alumni, EDHEC Business School



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